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Services For Businesses

With a robust background in providing both insurance and legal solutions for businesses, Andy Richardson Group is uniquely positioned to offer a variety of solutions designed to address the challenges faced by businesses and the professionals who serve them. 

Consulting and Risk Management:

Few individuals possess the life-long skills in the areas of developing successful business strategies, analyzing and addressing workplace Risk Management needs, and ensuring employment decisions are sound and defensible. Andy can assist your business – large or small – in these vital consultative areas. 

Business Legal Services:

Through his affiliation with Campbell Flannery, Andy Richardson can bring together the necessary resources to assist in all aspects of of business legal documents, ranging from basic contracts, to Separation Agreements, to Mergers & Acquisitions, to other transactional processes. 

Loss Portfolio Transfers:

Are you seeking to sell your business but struggle to identify a way to determine a path to eliminate liability? Have you explored this problem in the past, but you have concern about achieving finality? Andy’s relationship with Financial Asset Recovery Analytics, LLC can assist you in eliminating liability and provide the peace of mind and financial freedom to take the next steps in the journey of your business. Whether seeking to segregate and eliminate environmental liabilities, legacy liabilities from workplace injuries and illnesses, toxic torts, or other risks, FARA can be the solution to your problems.

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