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Services for Individuals

Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, and Other Individual Insurance Products: 

Selecting the right fit for your Medicare Supplement or Advantage Plan can be confusing. ARG helps you navigate the confusion, identifying the keys to unlock the right strategy to fill your needs. Together we will balance cost and need to ensure health insurance needs are met, reviewing Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Pharmaceutical Plans. Then, we can also determine whether Long-Term Care insurance programs fit into your needs, as well as whether it makes sense for a portion of your retirement lifestyle can best be funded from an annuity. 

We’ll work with experts from Bankers Life & Casualty, a 150 year anchor for health insurance and disability insurance products, as well as financial services.

Legal Documents – Life-Planning: 

Andy Richardson serves Of Counsel with Campbell Flannery, a regional law firm with a presence in Virginia and West Virginia. In his capacity as a lawyer, Andy is well-positioned to assist in preparing the necessary documents for life-planning – Wills, Trusts, Medical Power of Attorney, General Power of Attorney, and other vital life directives.

Structured Settlements/Annuities:


When controversies between two parties result in a judgement or a settlement, Andy can ensure there is a foundation of income established through disciplined, long-term annuity. This approach serves the beneficiary well, protecting their assets as they transition after receipt of the judgement/settlement.

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