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Happy Anniversary to us! Andy Richardson Group is officially ONE YEAR OLD on July 11, 2024.

Andy Richardson Group blog

Statistically, over 1 in 5 businesses fail in their first year of operation. I’m glad we are not a part of that statistic. 


After leaving my former employer, I knew my work life was not done (heck…I may never stop working; I enjoy that sense of purpose). 


Having recently signed up for Medicare, I considered the value of helping people with their late-life planning. Uniquely qualified in law and insurance, it has been a rewarding year helping people find their right path in these vital programs of Medicare Supplements and Advantage Plans, Long Term Care Insurance, Estate Planning, and other essential late-life resources.


But that is not all. My life has been filled with experiences where my legal and consulting services are vibrant and relevant. Leading the Kanawha County Workforce program, serving as a virtual in-house counsel for small businesses, and helping companies unwind long-term liabilities with loss portfolio transfers have all been central initiatives.


All the while continuing to give my time, treasure, and talents to help our community.


To all who encouraged me to “take the plunge” and create Andy Richardson Group - THANK YOU! 


To all who have benefited from our services and recommended us to others - THANK YOU! 


To all who need our help…call me; I can help! 

Andy Richardson

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