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Legacy, Love, Honesty, and Independence


As February wraps up, let’s pause and consider some lessons we remember each February. 


First, the entire month is dedicated to Black History. This part of America’s legacy provides many lessons in faith, perseverance, creativity, and initiative. It is a time to ensure our own actions preserve a meaningful legacy.


Valentine’s Day celebrates love, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday reminds us of the virtues of honesty, and George Washington’s Birthday reminds us of the ideals of independence upon which the United States was established.


In a business sense, however, these February reflections should bring us pause and reflect honestly on our late-life planning:


•Am I showing love for my heirs by having my personal affairs in order with Powers of Attorney, a Will, and (if appropriate) a Family Trust?


•Am I being honest with myself on how my legacy is best preserved for my heirs?


•Do I have in place Long-Term Care Insurance to ensure a high degree of independence in later years, minimizing reliance on my family?


Legacy, Love, Honesty, Independence - values we must all embrace with our late-life needs. 


If you answer “no” to any of these items, or if you know someone who hasn’t prepared for these late-life needs, please call me or contact me at

Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson Group blog
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