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I love basketball…always have! It is my favorite sport.

Andy Richardson Group blog

My family embraces the game as well; heck - one son is a college head basketball coach!


I think one reason I love the game is because it is - as described by the book “How Basketball Can Save the World” - “Positionless-ness.” In basketball, players are not limited by different positions only being allowed to have certain powers under the rules; all players are equal - usually not in talent, but certainly in what the rules allow each player to do.


This leads to extraordinary opportunities to work together and create a special chemistry for teamwork.


Teamwork wins. In this season of March Madness, millions of basketball fans have completed brackets, planning their vision of the tournament and projecting out the future winner a few weeks hence. 

As we plan for late life needs, we have personal game plans and brackets to complete. Planning for the future involves smart choices on Estate Planning, Medicare coverages, and Long-Term Care insurance.


I can coach you through solid late-life decisions…I have just the tools to position you to have a late-life plan that can give you peace of mind!


Need help completing your Late Life “bracket?” Call me.

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