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May is filled with special days…

Andy Richardson Group blog

• Election Day

• Mother’s Day

• Memorial Day


An honor to be elected and serve; an honor to remember our Mothers and the life skills provided to us; and an honor to remember this who have passed away…especially those who served in our armed services to keep us free.


It is always appropriate to reflect on the service to society of those recognized in the month of May. I consider the honor of my life to be my service as an elected official. 


This May, as you reflect on these special days, take a moment to reflect on late-life planning as well. Medicare, Long-Term Care Insurance, Powers of Attorney, an Estate Plan - each of these programs are needed as our community ages.


We all build a legacy - and each year, our families and communities will remember our legacies on the special days of May.


Make sure your late-life legacy is secure. Draw on an expert to guide you through these needs.


Call me. I can help!

Andy Richardson

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